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Simple tool to create customized invoices


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Express Invoice is a free tool which allows you to issue invoices to certify the sale of a series of items or a concrete service.

The invoices are saved on a record that can be consulted at any moment. It´s also possible to see which invoices haven´t been paid yet.

These invoices can be assigned to different collectors and companies. Each company keeps its own record of invoices. The list of company’s clients and the items it sells can also be saved on this program.

When a client decides to pay an invoice, Express Invoice allows you to update the status depending on the amount paid.

You can customize the appearance of the invoice, including the businesses logo, the symbols used as a separator for thousands and decimals, the title and footnotes, etc.

Furthermore, Express Invoice allows you to create different reports with detailed information about unpaid bills, bills per seller, sales per item, etc.